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Q: When I try the Drum with my electric drill (2900 rpm) I feel a quite strong eccentricity of rotation (vibration). What is wrong?
A: Probably nothing is wrong. All drills have some spindle radial error motion, expensive drills less, cheap drills more. The Red Creek handle has some radial error motion too. The Drum has a quite big mass moment of inertia (angular mass), by this reason the overall radial error motion feels so strong. Just keep the Drum against ski running surface when you start the drill, and the Drum should not perform such a strong vibration. Use Drum under moderate pressure and permanent contact with the ski base. Some episodic contact between Drum and protective shield does not affect performance.

Q: What does the Drum do for the ski? Is it a scraper? Is it a riller? I watched the demo movie and I see you brushed first…but I don’t understand the purpose of the drum. Please explain.
A: Thank you for the interest. My own research indicates advantage of very smooth ski running surface om the microlevel. The ski base is an amorphous substance and it hard to make it smooth with conventional methods. By the Drum we can flatten down asperities on the ski running surface and get a better glide.


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