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FAQ - Drum

Q: When I try the Drum 011 with my angle grinder (11 000 rpm) I feel a quite strong eccentricity of rotation (vibration). What is wrong?
A: Probably nothing is wrong. You must be careful to keep the grinder shaft (spindle) parallel to the ski base area. If you incline it, then you get stronger vibration and excessively high pressure on one of the edges. Then, you should use the part of the Drums surface that is closer to the angle grinder, eccentric movement is less there. That there is a wave-like pattern after Drum 011 is a normal, all rotary tool provides similar pattern.

After the steel scraping (before Drum 011):Before Drum 011

After Drum 011: After Drum 011

NOTE! The first few Drum 011 have been assembled in incorrect way, there may have too high eccentric motion. Do you see the movement that is larger than 1.5 mm, it is too much. Return Drum 011 to us in this case. You get money back or a new Drum 011.

Q: Unfortunately, I cannot use the drum on my skis when it makes big tracks across the ski, and it may seem that it is not completely eccentric, i.e. it "casts" and therefore not a uniform treatment of skis. I have tried a few times, even after having seen the instructional video, but with an entirely different result.
A: There may be excessive vibration if the wax profile (ski profile) has a point contact with ski. The skis' parties that have no contact with the profile (hanging in the air) will vibrate really strong, or even huge strong if one will obtain will the resonance effect. I always recommend gluing a foam strip on the profile surface. This makes the skis are more stable under the steel scraping, and it is much less vibration when using rotating accessories. Self-adhesive insulation foam strip, which sold at most plumbing stores, is well suited for this purpose.


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