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FAQ - Alate Grip

Q:How I can use the Alate Grip, if I am get tired? The grip does not have any hand strap to hang on it.
A:Oars do not any straps. However, rowers are able to row many and many hours. It is only a question of training.

Q: Are AlateGrip works for both of the styles (classic and skate)?
A: The handle works equally both for classic and skate technique. Especially when double poling (classic) and V2 (skate) you notice an additional draught.

Q: I want to order Alates Grip handle, but do not know what should I buy gloves or harness?
A: Unfortunately, the gloves were a little too tight designer in the eye position, therefore, we recommend ordering both gloves and harness, or just a harness. Alates Grip™ harness works well for everyone.

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